Witness: Voices from the Holocaust

Full Video |1:28:30

Witness: Voices from the Holocaust

Full Video |1:28:30

"Witness: Voices from the Holocaust" is a prize-winning documentary, nationally broadcast by PBS in which testimonies of Holocaust survivors and witnesses – some recorded as early as 1979 – archival footage, and personal photographs and documents reveal the Nazi era through the memories of those who were there. A Hitler Youth, a Jesuit priest, resistance fighters, concentration camp survivors, an American POW, and a liberator present a vivid image of the Holocaust in their own words. Since many of the witnesses were in their teens or younger during the war years, students can understand and identify with their experiences on a more personal level. The accompanying book of the same title provides resource material and the opportunity for students to learn more about the survivors in the documentary. The three part series provides history that students can understand on their own level and from which they can draw lessons for current events and their own lives. The teachers who wrote the curriculum piloted the documentary with their own students. Part I is twenty-four minutes long and includes the topics: A Way of Life The Outbreak of War Ghettos Part II is thirty-seven minutes long and includes the topics: Escape, Hiding and Resistance Deportation and Arrival The Camps Part III is twenty-six minutes long and includes the topics: Death March Liberation Aftermath

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