The Black Death (1347-1351 A.D.)

Full Video |15:12

The Black Death (1347-1351 A.D.)

Full Video |15:12

When Genoese traders returned home from the Black Sea port of Caffa, they brought back more than silks and spices. They brought a black plague on Europe. In four years, between 1347 and 1351, the plague killed 25 million people. For the next three hundred years, nearly every European generation would face the terror of this pestilence often called the "Black Death." This program looks at the effect of the plague on ordinary people of the time, including their bizarre reactions to a threat they could not understand. We look at the lasting economic, political, religious, and social changes wrought by this dreaded disease. Live reenactment in period costume bring realism and flavor to this fascinating study of the Black Death.

©1997 Ancient Lights| Grade(s) 6-8

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