Water Smart: The Sun, Water Cycle, and Climate

Full Video |14:59

Water Smart: The Sun, Water Cycle, and Climate

Full Video |14:59

The sun is presented as Earth's energy source that drives the water cycle. This program covers the fundamental phases of the water cycle, but goes beyond precipitation, evaporation, and condensation. We recognize how plants assist in evaporation via transpiration. We also see how ice “evaporates” in the process of sublimation. Runoff is presented as a link between precipitation and evaporation as water flows into lakes and oceans. The heat capacity of oceans and large water bodies is shown to be a climate control, all at a level that children can comprehend. Excellent visuals and animations illustrate unique forms of condensation in dew and frost. Students become aware that the water cycle is far-reaching, never-ending, and crucial to life in plants and people. At the program conclusion, a true/false quiz assesses students' understanding.

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