Enviro-Tacklebox: Module 04: Forces in the Environment: Rebirth in Fire

Full Video |20:11

Enviro-Tacklebox: Module 04: Forces in the Environment: Rebirth in Fire

Full Video |20:11

During "Rebirth in Fire," students will hear from foresters and biologists as the Tacklebox Team examines fire as a force in the environment. While fire has historically played an important role in ecosystems, it is a natural process that cannot always be controlled. Prescribed burns are routinely used to maintain a healthy forest environment and manage resources. Travel to Kisatchie National Forest and Yellowstone National Park to learn about the natural recovery process for native plants that benefit from fire. Fire safety becomes an important topic as society moves toward forested areas and encroaches on wildlife habitat.

©2002 Louisiana Public Broadcasting| Grade(s) 6-8

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