Geography of the World: Africa: The People

Full Video |18:00

Geography of the World: Africa: The People

Full Video |18:00

Africa — The People explores the many personalities that make up the most diverse continent on Earth. Fascinating footage brings viewers face-to-face with a variety of African people, from the Islamic nomads of the north to the city dwellers of the south. Each thriving town and remote village provides clues about Africa’s history, culture and traditions. Beginning with the time of the pharaohs, the program presents an in-depth overview of Africa’s past — mighty Arab armies that roamed the Sahara, Portuguese explorers who first rounded the Cape of Good Hope, and American ship captains who came for the slave trade. Colonization played an immense role in Africa’s cultural heritage, introducing new languages and customs. Although independence has been won by all of Africa’s nations, much of the colonial legacy can still be found today. Religious and ethnic diversity make for rich, interesting lifestyles. In modern-day Africa, diversity can also present the potential for conflict. The program explores this challenge, while focusing on new leadership and the optimistic attitude of working together to build a better future.

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