Dose of Knowledge

CVS Health and Discovery Education have partnered to expand the Pharmacists Teach program into the classroom with a no-cost prevention program, Dose of Knowledge. The program strives to empower educators and pharmacists to address substance misuse and educate students to make good decisions for the health and well-being of themselves and their community.

Start the conversation around substance misuse, medication safety and mental health with standards-aligned classroom resources.

Medication Safety (K–2)

Students will be introduced to the power of medicine and the importance of medication safety.

Medication Safety (3-5)

Managing Stress (3–5)

After students learn about the key components of health, they will focus on mental health as they consider the causes and effects of stress.

All About Medication (3–5)

Students will explore how medicine is created, how it can be administered, how it travels through the body and the reasons behind its many forms.